As an ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certified company incorporated in 1950s, Federal Pipe Centrifugal Casting Machine Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Centrifugal Casting Machine in China. Our hot mold Vertical, Horizontal and Cantilever centrifugal casting machines, characterized with great flexibility and variability and used, are used to produce wide variety of castings such as Brake Drums, Discs, Flywheels, Iron Pipes, Steel Alloy Tubes, Mill Rolls, Copper/bronze tubes, Cylinder Liners, Pidgeon Process Magnesium Metal Reduction Retorts and Non-ferrous Castings. Combining proper mold design, mold coating, mold spinning speeds, pouring speeds, cooling rates and metal chemistry, our hot mold centrifugal casting machines are high in automation, reliable in running, simple in operation, higher yields and low in energy consumption. The machines range from simple, manually operated equipment to fully automated systems by utilizing programmable logic controllers (PLC) with functions of automatic pouring, automatic mold coating, automatic mold brushing and automatic extraction. Our centrifugal casting molds are forged made with quality material of 21CrMo10 and 30CrMo. Our engineering team and R & D department staffed more than 20 engineers. Enriched with Know-How and Do-How, we provide the technical solutions for customers in form of Turn-Key or EPC project with long-term After-Sale Service.

Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machine Centrifugal Casting Machine
Cantilever Centrifugal Casting Machine Cantilever Centrifugal Casting Machine
Cylinder Liner Centrifugal Casting Machine Cylinder Liner Centrifugal Casting Machine
Multi Station Centrifugal Casting Machine Multi Stations Iron Pipe Centrifugal Casting Machine
Alloy Steel Pipe Centrifugal Casting Machine Alloy Steel Pipe Centrifugal Casting Machine
Pidgeon Process Magnesium Metal Reduction Furnace Technology Pidgeon Process Magnesium Metal Reduction Furnace Technology

Their manufacturing methods can be divided into: sand centrifuge tube socket straight, continuous cast iron pipe straight pipe and sand.
By its use of different materials can be divided into: gray iron, ductile iron and high silicon iron pipe.
1, cast iron water pipe:
Water use cast iron pipe casting molten iron over the 18th after adding nodulizer, after the high-speed centrifugal casting ductile iron machine into the pipes, ductile iron pipes with nature, excellent performance, corrosion resistance of steel, good ductility, sealed effective, easy to install, mainly for municipal, industrial and mining water, gas, oil and so on. Is the preferred water supply pipe, with a high cost.
2, sand centrifugally cast straight pipe:
Sand centrifugally cast straight tube made ​​of gray cast iron, suitable for pressure fluid such as water and gas transport.
3, continuous cast iron straight pipe:
Continuous cast iron pipe that is straight continuous casting of gray cast iron pipes for water and gas, the pressure of the fluid delivery.
4, cast iron drainage pipe:
Intubation and ordinary cast iron drainage pipe. Flexible Interface earthquake cast iron drainage pipe straight, these cast iron pipe with rubber ring seal, bolts, including under pressure with good flexibility, scalability. Able to adapt to the larger axial displacement and lateral deformation of flexible, suitable for high-rise buildings indoor drains, is particularly appropriate for the earthquake zone. Seen from the interface can be divided into: W-type flexible cast iron pipes, B-type flexible cast iron pipes, A-type flexible cast iron pipes.
Continuous gray cast iron pipe nominal diameter of 75 to 1200 mm. Straight pipe length of 4 m, 5 m and 6 m; according to different wall thicknesses of LA, A and B three. Sand centrifugal gray cast iron pipe nominal diameter of 200 to 1000 mm, the effective length of 5 m and 6 m; according to different wall thicknesses of P, G two. Strength, good toughness, thin wall, metal with less, can withstand high pressure.
Ductile iron pipe nominal diameter of 80 to 2200 mm, compared with gray cast iron pipe, strength, toughness, thin wall metal with less, can withstand high pressure, the effective length of 5 m, 6 m and 8 meters; different points according to the wall thickness of P, G two. Is the development direction of the cast iron pipe. Ductile iron pipe blast furnace production using low phosphorus, low sulfur high-quality casting molten iron, according to the current international advanced centrifugal casting, annealing process, water-cooled metal mold centrifugal casting machine casting, annealing, socket repair, water pressure test, the inner wall lining of cement, cement lining health, cement mill liners, wall paint coating asphalt, bitumen paint baking, socket rust treatment, spray marks and packaging, and other procedures of careful treatment, with high strength , high elongation, corrosion-resistant reinforced steel frame.

The Benefits of centrifugal casting machine

centrifugal casting machine offers obvious advantages over static casting for cylindrical shaped parts, such as tubes, sleeves and pipe. Did you know that adding a spin to castings not traditionally p

Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machines

Our floor and pit mounted vertical centrifugal casting machines are used to produce the duplexed mill rolls, cylinder liners, bronze or copper alloy tubes, brake drums, discs, bottle molds, flywheels 

Advances in the Science and Engineering of centrifugal casting machine

The book contains the proceedings of the honorary symposium Advances in the Science and Engineering of centrifugal casting machine Solidification