Our PLC controlled automatic dual faceplates cantilever type centrifugal Babbitt Lining machines are specifically designed to cast the Babbitt into all types of bearing shells and bushes by the centrifugal method. The machine’s dual plates have drilled locating pins and holes for accurate centering bosses of the proper diameter to be screwed into the proper positions, therefore the diameters can be arranged so as for the outside of the bearing shell or fixture holding the shell to be aligned by the bosses. The idler faceplate moves both forwardly and backwardly to clamp and unclamp the bearing or bush shell.

Key Features of Centrifugal Babbitt Lining Machine

Different Models to suit different sized of bearings or bushes
Dual clamping system for strengthening of safety
PLC + Touch Screen Operation.
Driven by Stepless Speed Governing and frequency conversion motor.
Safety guard of shield cover to prevent the hot metal and cooling water from splashing.  

Centrifugal Babbitt Lining Machine Models & Casting Specifications

Model Bearing Diameter (mm) Bearing Length (mm) Mold + Casting Weight
ZJ041 50-100 100 100kg
ZJ042 200-400 400 300kg
ZJ043 400-600 600 1,500kg
ZJ044 700-900 900 1,800kg
ZJ045 1,000-12,000 1,000 2,500kg
Centrifugal Babbitt Lining Machine 1Centrifugal Babbitt Lining Machine 1