Mold Technical Specifications
Quality Material: 30CrMo
Chemical Compositions: C: 0.20-0.30%; Si: 0.20-0.40%; Mn: 0.20-0.40%; Cr: 0.18-1.20%; Mo: 0.20-0.30%; P: 0.015%max; S: 0.010%max.
Mechanical Properties: All molds to be forged in single piece, no welding.
Hardness: BHN=220-260
Tensile Strength: MPa: min.700
Yield Strength: MPa: min.600
Impact Strength: 180 akJ min.
Elongation: 12% min.
Reduction Area: 50% min.
Heat Treatment: Hardened and fully tempered
Inside Taper: Will be in steps
Surface Condition: Finishing Machining without honing
(Inside: 1.6-3.2 Ra, Outside: 3.2-6.3 Ra)
Radial Runout Tolerance: 0.15mm