Centrifugal Casting mold repair work of the organization

Centrifugal Casting mold repair work of the organization
Making any Centrifugal Casting mold in use after period of time, due to its internal parts wear or the operator's carelessness, will make its working performance and reduce accuracy even damaged. Therefore, in order to extend the service life, the general should be repaired.
Making repair Centrifugal Casting mold to complete in less time. If too long will affect the repair time dragged on normal production. However, to achieve rapid repair purposes, factory correctly organize and arrange the work is very important. making, repair personnel equipped with
Making plants in general, in order to make the Centrifugal Casting mold can get reasonable use, ensure safety of normal production, have a Centrifugal Casting mold repair shop or repair team. Members of these repair tissue, there should be some casting die die manufacturing experience to serve and be equipped with professional and technical personnel. In normal circumstances, their technical level and practice experience more comprehensive. This is because they not only to master the repair method of Centrifugal Casting mold, but also clear and method of inspection, acceptance and use of technology requirements of all kinds of Centrifugal Casting mold. At the same time, also good at finding time for die Centrifugal Casting mold damage cause of the problem, and to make the Centrifugal Casting mold in the short time to repair, so that it can return to the quality and accuracy of the original request, to ensure the normal use of Centrifugal Casting mold. making two, repair work duties
Making the Centrifugal Casting mold is a precise and efficient production tools, it has many features in the manufacture and repair, technical requirements are relatively high. So cold stamping die repair work, not only requires maintenance and have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, but also high skills. Its main functions are:
Making 1) familiar with factory (workshop) type Centrifugal Casting mold and each kind of product used in the Centrifugal Casting mold sets, process and conditions of use for all products. The Centrifugal Casting mold to do technical files, specify the Centrifugal Casting mold began to use time, each production number, edge grinding times and state pay per Centrifugal Casting mold use. Mark the mould parts wear and in need of repair and replacement of spare parts of parts.
Making 2) familiar with the structure, all the repair casting die such as die casting die casting operation principle, performance characteristics, easy loss and often wrong parts. And to determine the repair method and repair scheme.
Making 3) to improve repair skill and cultivate the ability to work independently, with the operator installed together with the die and mold repair after debugging. making 4) in the casting in the working process of the die casting die, should always check the working state of repair and adjustment, were responsible for die casting machine. making 5) is responsible for the preparation and the replacement of die casting parts, to be responsible for the maintenance and repair work.