Positioning device mould plate and sand box casting

Positioning device mould plate and sand box casting
 Making mould plate and sand box asking a group of positioning pin and the positioning of a group of positioning sleeve device. In order to prevent the sand box is stuck in the shape or box (separate the positioning pin and a positioning sleeve can not be combined into or not), and end with a circular positioning pin and the positioning sleeve matched with the circular positioning as an end, the other end is flat with the positioning pin and the positioning sleeve matched flat, the location and length width direction direction of the guiding role, so often called flat pin guide pin, flat set of known as the guide sleeve, the guide pin is also sometimes used circular. Ordinary mechanical molding machine mold plate are arranged on the positioning pin, and the upper and lower sand box are fixed positioning pin. Box and with the help of the closing pin and box. But the automatic molding line is installed under the sand box positioning sleeve, and the sand box installation positioning pin, thus modeling, template installation positioning pin and the positioning sleeve mold plate installation, some other line, each cycle, sand box to a head, so the sand box two positioning pin must be used with a cotter pin. When positioning the circular arc and round matched when. Plays a role in orientation when the flat surface and the flat cover when the match. Making flat because the positioning pin and the positioning sleeve in the direction of width of flat plays a positioning role, so the positioning pin and the positioning sleeve flat flat in manufacture of the two flat surface parallel degree and require a higher degree of symmetry, for general 0.025mm, while in the installation requirements of flat surface and two positioning holes must be connected to the center of the residual phase parallel.
 Part of making the positioning pin, positioning and orientation is divided into two parts. Effective positioning pin and sleeve length from 10 ~ 20mm. The guide portion of the slope should be less than or equal to look like the draft, generally 1 - 3. The length of the guide part is divided into two kinds: ① in the crane or manual lifting, guide portion should be higher than lOmm. The automatic machine mold and mechanical box, because the equipment is the accurate localization, guide part is bigger than 30mm.
 Making a positioning pin and a positioning sleeve (including flat pin flat set) with properties between the movable fit, the gap is too small to affect the accuracy of the castings. But the general mechanical modeling by means of closing pin type, and may be supplemented by manual adjustment, the properties suggested the use of H9/d9, and automatic molding line is fully automatic type, suggested the use of H8/d8, can also use the H8/d8. Making board with the sand box positioning table making a one-time positioning
 The pin sleeve making 1, die plate positioning pin and the sand box directly positioning, positioning has the advantages of simple structure, small error, mainly used in ordinary single template
 Making 2, die bottom plate is arranged on the template frame, wells and frame positioning (location request not high). Board and box on the other by a positioning pin and a pin sleeve positioning, is more complex than the type 1. For a quick change pattern heated
 Making 3, lower template frame installation positioning pin, sand box and the lower template positioning apply the same period of working face locating pin. The positioning pin arranged on the sand box, with a transition sleeve positioning frame template and template, excessive sleeve and accurate positioning and template and the upper die base frame positioning of larger clearance. Used for heating automatic molding line quick change template making two, two times of positioning
 Making 1, template and sand box does not directly positioning, touch around the positioning plate around and Centrifugal Casting mold template frame, positioning error, for quick change template
 Making 2, die plate and template frame with a small pin positioning (high precision). The template frame with the sand box positioning, forming two localization. Because a positioning error will accumulate, so positioning requirements, complex structure. Mainly used for the quick change of template combination, can also be used for other quick change template
 Making flaskless molding with double template positioning pin is mounted in the lower box, and the box should be installed on both ends of the template and the pin sleeve. The pin sleeve is circular and triangular two. making automatic molding line under the transverse plate with a locating pin structure form in
 Between making automatic molding line template and template frame transition round and flat sets of typical structure chart. Making positioning pin and the pin sleeve with the precision table.