Our vertical centrifugal casting machines are used to produce the duplexed mill rolls. The roll casting process divided into two steps. The first step is the vertical centrifugal casting of roll shell/outer layer, the second step is the vertical static casting of roll core. The two steps are proceeded continuously in sequence. After the static casting is finished, the newly casted roll will be positioned in the ground pit for curing for 24 hours in a certain degreed temperature. With the high degree of mechanization, both process of the vertical centrifugal casting and static casting can be processed and finished in one machine, thus the casting job can be done with high efficient and labor saving.

The vertical mill roll centrifugal casting machine adopts fully automated systems utilizing programmable logic controllers (PLC) with functions of automatic pouring, automatic mold coating, automatic mold inner wall cleaning and automatic extraction. The duplexed mill roll’s diameter ranged from 200mm to 1,500mm with length ranged from 500mm to 5,000mm.

Key Features of Vertical Type Centrifugal Casting machine
PLC Automatic operation.
Stepless Speed Governing plus frequency conversion motor force driving.
Produce castings with superior metallurgical structure.
Mechanical mold inner wall coating and cleaning.  

Centrifugal Casting Machine Models & Casting Specifications

Model Min. & Max. Dia. (mm) Length (mm) Total Load: Mold + Casting
J554 200-400 2,000 4,000kg
J556 500-600 2,000 8,000kg
J558 700-800 3,000 10,000kg
J55100 900-1,000 4,000 25,000kg
J5515 1000-1,500 5,000 30,000kg