Overview of the electrical control and monitoring methods for centrifugal casting machines

Overview of the electrical control and monitoring methods for centrifugal casting machines

In short, the electric control system of the centrifugal casting machine is composed of the main motor speed control controller, the control cabinet, the low voltage electrical element, the button, the indicator lamp and so on. The control system has the perfect action interlocking, overcurrent, overload and other safety protection Measures.

The monitoring system refers to the system that monitors the running status of the equipment, including the real-time detection of the actual operating index such as vibration, temperature and speed. It is the state feedback point of the operation of the equipment system and is the correction part of the electrical system control.

According to the different electrical configuration, the control method is divided into the following:

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3, AC frequency control;

4, CNC exchange frequency control.

The above several ways have their own advantages and disadvantages, the following were briefly described.

Electromagnetic speed control of the basic principle is that the main motor using electromagnetic motor, together with the electromagnetic governor mode, the electrical operation part to be controlled. The main advantage is that the low cost, speed control basically meet the requirements; outstanding drawback is that in the braking process, can not be a good response to speed requirements, the speed fluctuations with the load fluctuations, especially in the roll centrifugal production process, need External force intervention; in the actual use of many roll plant, often using manual crowbar mode to achieve manual deceleration, can not be a good protection of personal safety.

DC drive mode is the basic structure of the main source of the DC motor, the use of DC governor control, the advantages of good speed response, overload capacity, braking effect is good; However, compared with AC frequency control, the disadvantage is the cost Relatively high, the speed response capacity under the same conditions, the frequency conversion mode is better, full feedback mode, the frequency control will be more accurate, better response speed requirements.

AC variable frequency speed control mode, is the main motor using variable frequency motor, with the inverter as the driving power. Its advantages are: simple operation, easy debugging. For the input overvoltage, circuit surge and so insensitive, can greatly facilitate the use of live production.

CNC AC variable frequency speed control mode, is based on AC variable frequency control mode, coupled with the automatic control of the supporting part of the formation of a complete automated control mode, this article will be introduced.