High Quality Best Dental Lab Centrifugal Cast Machine

Dental Lab centrifugal casting machine for Sale


Product Description

 High Quality Best Dental Lab Centrifugal Cast Machine

 Centrifugal Cast Machine Advantages and Characteristics:

Centrifugal casting machine is operating experience combined with well-designed new products. Is a dental technician cast metal crowns, metal mesh stents and steel teeth care bridge the ideal equipment.

This product is the main parts adopt high-quality 35 carbon steel casting, reasonable structure, safe to use. 

Rotary power imported spring , torsion good , flexible and uniform melt injection , oral dental cast metal mechanic indispensable equipment.

Dental lab equipment Product Manual:


Centrifugal casting machine is used Prosthodontics mechanic equipment, used with all kinds of dental high fluxing melting and casting , to obtain various types of dentures bracket, inlays, crowns and bridges castings.



The product structure is simple, easy to operate, should pay attention to the following :

1 : Note countertops fixed and firm, crucible placed correctly .

2: The table must have better protection device to prevent molten metal splash when operating out of bodily injury.

3 : Operation , note the inertia spring tightened , do not hit hands.

4 : Keep equipment clean and dry , casting is completed, the device shall be cleaned to remove residues.