cold chamber centrifugal casting machine

Brand- Cold chamber centrifugal casting machine-1000ton 

SIJIN -- cold chamber centrifugal casting machine -1000ton

SIJIN cold chamber  Centrifugal casting machine 

is applied in below industries: aviation ,automobile,motorcycle,telecom instrument, Hardware and Electric Appliance.

Our machne is the ideal equipment to produce large quantity of aluminum ,zinc ,copper and other non-ferrous metal castings , eapecially for die casting piece which is difficult to cast ,high-quality requirement and complex structure.

1High performance:The maximum dry shot speed over 7m/s,and pressurization and creation duration less than 30 ms.

2High reliability :The machine adopt PLC programmable controller and control the transmission that the hydraulic pressure drove.And the machines are designed and are produced according to world-leading structure and manufacturing workmanship for die casting machines,reliability and durability.

3High –speed production:Die locking force and injection force adopt the proportion of conditioning systems,and keep the machine always in the best work state.So these machines realize high-speed production ,and production speed by over 15%.