Manufacture of hollow ingots using centrifugal casting machines

Centrifugal machines are proposed for the foundry created at the Almalyk Mining and Smelting Factory in order to produce hollow ingots of a liquid metal made by remelting of consumable electrodes in a refractory accumulating crucible.

An empty mold shell and fresh molding mixture are supplied to the molding machine. A pattern of the

pipe is placed in the vertical shell and is rigidly centered at the bottom by the pattern of the pipe socket and

at the top by a special rotating centering device. If the pattern is not mounted exactly co-axially Mth the

shell or if it is displaced from its original position during the making of the mold, the wall thickness of the resuiting

pipe will vary. After mounting the pattern in the shell, the mold mixture is fed through the top centering

device of the molding machine rammer. The rammers move up and down with simultaneous rotation round

the pattern during the operation of the machine and compact the mold mixture fed into the shell.