Centrifugal casting Machine process

centrifugal casting machine process
Making the casting metal liquid into the rotation of the casting, casting method so that the centrifugal force of mold filling and solidification, known as the centrifugal casting Machine. According to the mold rotation space in different position, common centrifugal casting machine with vertical and horizontal two class. Cast around the vertical axis is called the vertical centrifugal casting mold, said rotating around a horizontal axis is horizontal centrifugal casting Machine. Making the liquid metal is poured into the rotation of the casting, under the action of centrifugal force the filling and solidification of casting foundry method. Known as the centrifugal casting machine, centrifugal casting machine. According to the different direction of rotation axis casting, centrifugal casting machine is divided into horizontal and vertical and inclined type 3. Mainly used for casting various tubular cast of horizontal centrifugal casting machine, such as gray cast iron, ductile iron pipe and gas pipe, smallest diameter 75 mm, up to 3000 mm in addition to a large bore copper roller by pouring machine, various carbon steel, alloy steel and the outer and inner layer of different components of the bilayer material steel roller. It is mainly used for non circular casting production of various Ring Castings and smaller vertical centrifugal casting machine.
Mould for making centrifugal casting, the casting shape, size and production batch is different, the choice of non metal (such as sand and shell or plycast), metal or metal inner enough to mould coating layer or a resin sand. Casting speed is an important parameter in centrifugal casting Machine, both must have the enough centrifugal force to increase the compactness of the casting metal, centrifugal force can not be too large, so as not to impede the metal contraction. Especially for lead bronze, centrifugal force is too large will produce the segregation between inside and outside of the casting. General speed to about 1500 revolutions per minute scores. Making centrifugal casting is characteristic of liquid metal under the action of centrifugal force to the filling and solidification, casting metal good feeding effect, compact structure, good mechanical properties; casting hollow castings without riser, metal utilization rate can be improved greatly. The specific shape of the casting, centrifugal casting is a process of material saving, energy saving, high efficiency, but must pay special attention to take effective safety measures. Making centrifugal casting is both traditional and modern is a casting method. China's casting production at about 15000000 T, which is about 2200000 t by centrifugal casting method of production, accounting for 15%. The ductile iron pipe 1250000 t gray cast iron pipe 500000 T, cylinder 350000 T, 50000 t of various roll. With the improvement of living standards, state investment in urban construction, west east gas pipeline project, the south to north water diversion projects, as well as the car as the rise of the pillar industries, is expected to 2010, the casting by centrifugal, a year can reach to more than 3200000 t. It is self-evident that the centrifugal casting method for casting method will be next to the sand in the casting of various production methods, has the pivotal status.