cemented carbide oil well drill collar

Cemented carbide short drill pipe drill collar   
1.OEM & ODM projects are acceptable.
2. ISO 9001-2008 Quality Control System
3.100% virgin tungsten carbide powder.
4. High quality.  
5. Fast delivery and transportation
6. Payment terms flexible.
Grade Density g/cm3 Hardness HRA/Hv3 TRS MPa Aplication
BG6 14.95 89.5 2580 Univeral grades widely used in machining tools for cas iron,nonferrous metals and their alloys and nonmetal ma-terials,wearparts,and tools for machining other alloys.
BG8 14.74 89 2710
BG6X 14.93 91 2480 Suitable for the semi-of hard cast iron,nonferrous metals and their alloys,and also suitable for the semi-finishing and of common cast iron and high manganesesteel work-pieces and for other tools.
BG6A 14.89 91.5 2350
BG8C 14.69 87.5 2850 Mainly used for rock drilling,auger tips and well drilling tools and at the same time for drilling stone walls,cementin construction and installation work,and for machining stone materials.
BG11C 14.32 86.5 2940
BL10.2 14.45 91.5
1600(HV3) 2880 Mainly used for manufacturing strips and disc cuttersandalso for other tools.
BM80 14.76 90.5 2590 Mainly used for disc cutters and also for other tools.
BS2T 14.45 91.5 2380 Mainly used for disc cutters and also for other tools.
BM15.1(YS8) 14.05 92.5 2170 Suitable for the rough and of stainless steelishing of high strength steel,and semi-finishing of hardened steel,and the machining of iron based heatresistant alloys and glass articles.