Stainless Steel API Non-Magnetic Oil Well Drilling Collar

 Singapore based company, we specialise into supply of oilfield drilling products and services to worldwide market. We specialize into supply of Drilling Products; however we do have support for other products related with Oilfield. We focus on client needs and from there we work-out technical and commercial proposal catering to the specific requirements, we always keep customer requirements as priority and we do our best to offer correct products and services at very competitive price. We also do value addition with our services which are our core competency as well. We offer services like Drilling products Rental and Repairs, Inspection as per API standards. We also have expertise in Quality Management System to provide the services of auditing and approval of new and existing manufacturers as per API Standard and requirements. We offer third-party inspection services as per API, DS, NS 1, NS 2 International Standards.
Product Types:
1. Drilling Products
2. Coiled Tubing Products
3. Completion Tools
4. Well Control
Stainless Steel API Non-Magnetic Oil Well Drill Collar:
Non-Magnetic Drill Collars
Non-Mag Drill collars are stainless steel drill collars are special purpose drill collars, which are part of Drill String.
MFF International Pte Ltd. non-magnetic drill collars are an integral heavy duty joint that are constructed from a solid bar of austenitic stainless steel. Our non-magnetic drill collars are supplied with an "as rolled" surface finish condition. All non-magnetic collars are hot cold worked in order to provide them with the necessary mechanical and magnetic properties. The bars are then trepanned, hot spot inspected and machined. An internal bore treatment is performed on the full length in order to achieve the proper compressive status of the internal diameter. This provides the collar with optimal resistance to stress corrosion cracking. All of our drill collars are manufactured in accordance with API spec 7, Q1 and recommended practice 7G, as applicable.
Here at MFF International Pte Ltd. we know not every project is the same, therefore requiring a variety of collars. All of our drill collars can be customized to suit your specific requirements by adding some of the features listed below.