Centrifugal Casting Machine for Roll Casting

Research and Development of Special centrifugal casting machine for Roll Casting

In recent years the market demand for centrifugal casting roll is growing rapidly. Centrifuge is the main equipment for the production of centrifugal rolls, requiring good automatic control performance, accurate downtime, effective vibration and vibration control capacity. Based on the theoretical design and maintenance experience, this research has reformed, designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a new large-scale centrifugal casting machine for large roll casting.

Centrifuge design involves civil engineering, electrical automation, mechanical design, fluid mechanics and other professional knowledge, in this research and development by the different technical staff were responsible for the corresponding work, I served as the design leader, and mainly to deal with vibration and Improve the gravity multiples of the comprehensive optimization of the task, while the application of infrared temperature measurement of roll casting temperature monitoring.

This paper introduces the overall design and design of the centrifugal centrifuge, and focuses on how to reduce the vibration through the selection of foundation design, bottom plate design, bearing selection, grease selection and wheel selection. Through the main motor, the control system and its Accessories design selection to improve the gravity coefficient; infrared thermometer selection installation and use of three aspects of the analysis.

The design of the first centrifugal water-cooled bearing seat provides a good reference for the future to solve the problem of large-tonnage high-speed centrifuge bearing cooling. The comprehensive optimization design makes the centrifuge damping effect reach the expected target. The design of the temperature monitoring system has been added to change the past by relying on manual determination of the roll temperature method, the precise monitoring of the temperature on the basis of the centrifuge to achieve automatic control.