Improvement of Centrifugal Casting Machine

In the centrifugal casting process, usually small diameter, short length of the workpiece is the use of horizontal cantilever centrifugal casting machine casting. Traction motor bearing bearing is a medium-sized castings, in the use of horizontal cantilever casting machine casting bearing inner layer of tin-based alloy when there are many shortcomings, the main drawback is: bearing bearing and casting fixture installed in the front of the spindle to form a cantilever, In the work of the spindle to produce a larger beating, resulting in tin-based alloy bearing in the front and rear thickness of the uneven, and there are more serious leakage.

Is the beginning of 1986 equipment status monitoring and fault diagnosis technology work. Over the past few years through the production of cylinder liner blank centrifugal casting machine for a number of long-term status monitoring, maintenance, and achieved a more satisfactory economic benefits and maintenance results. This is a successful attempt to transition from traditional maintenance methods to preventive maintenance. 1 state monitoring and testing principle Centrifugal casting machine spindle bearing 326K and 7222E bearings, rolling bearing is the most vulnerable parts of the machine, common faults are wear, indentation, cracks, surface peeling, stamping, burning, corrosion and so on.