Vertical centrifugal casting machine with vertical structure

Vertical centrifugal casting machine with vertical structure. Fully utilize the effect of liquid metal in the rotation of the simplified effect, the electrical design using SCR speed control device, in order to achieve a constant current start, acceleration, constant current deceleration, inverter braking, to obtain the best transition.

Centrifugal casting can be used for hot-rolled seamless steel pipe to provide some hard-hole steel hollow tube, with better quality and low metal consumption of the two characteristics, and the cylinder is the main components of centrifugal casting machine, Large tube billet casting machine

Centrifugal casting process produces a variety of small and medium copper alloy ring parts, you can get high-quality castings and good economic benefits, so its use is very common. Due to equipment constraints, in the past it is difficult to use centrifugal casting process to produce small.

Centrifugal production of composite cast iron roll (such as wire rod rolling mill, sheet metal hot rolling mill finishing roll, etc.), not only the consumption of alloy materials, low production costs, and roll service life significantly improved. In foreign countries has been successfully used centrifugal production roll, the domestic is also trial production. Roller centrifugal casting process according to the roll mold rotation axis in the space position is different, discrete (vertical axis), tilt (tilt axis)