Centrifugal Casting Machine for Wheel Rims

Two-station Fully Automatic centrifugal casting machine

Technical Scheme

Brief Introduction 

Double work position centrifugal casting machine is composed of two main engines, a set of mobile auxiliary machine working platform, a set of automatic pouring device, casting tubes conveying device, and electric control system, etc. The two main engines work coordinately with auxiliary machines, while the pouring system performing automatic pouring work to the two main engines on a time division basis.

The main engines is in horizontal supporting wheel structure, and its speed is frequency conversion regulating. The auxiliary machines are compactly arranged on one mobile platform. The mobile platform moving and spraying vehicle both adopt servo driving method. The whole machine has the characteristics of compact structure, smooth movement, and high degree of automation.

The control system adopts PLC control system to control the actions of main machines and auxiliary machines, and the speed regulating process of the supporting wheels of the main machines. The variable speed regulating system is composed of AC frequency conversion motor and AC frequency conversion speed regulator. By adopting imported AC frequency converter, the system has a characteristic of low speed and high torque, and being smooth in speed control and wide in the speed range. The touch screen can monitor the working condition of the centrifugal casting machine and display the pouring process parameters, as well as the fault alarm information of the machine. The control system has two working methods, manual and automatic methods.