Centrifugal Casting Machine for Centrifugal Tube

Eight-station centrifugal casting machine for cylinder sleeve

8 station centrifugal casting machine for cylinder liner is composed of the multi-station engines and a auxiliary engine. 8 main engines are evenly distributed on the rotary round table.The main engine is rotated to different positions by the rotary round table.Four sets of auxiliary engines is distributed around the rotary round table fixedly.When main engine is rotated to corresponding position,each auxiliary engine will complete respective function to main engine with cleaning mold ,spraying coating,pouring and extracting the casting.

The main engine's speed is adjustable and steady in the high speed.The Spraying process is very advanced of multistage velocity control. The key process parameters are real-time monitor and adjusted by automatic control system. So it can ensure the casting process parameters repetition and consistency. It eliminates the influence of artificial factors to the casting process parameters. So it ensures stable quality of the casings.

main engine

 The main engines are obtained high-speed and stable as feature. The key factor of casting's quality is whether tube molds are smooth running.Therefore, The more smooth running of the main engine is ,the less radial run-out of the tube molds in high speed,the more uniform wall thickness of cylinder liner is and the more stable the structure performance will be.

The main engine adopts cantilever structure with the bearing base adopting cast iron material, so it has a good shock absorption capacity. The main engine use ac frequency conversion motor and vector control converter. Riding wheel is rotated by V belt.So it ensures that the tube molds can be controlled with precise speed governing.Spindle braking system ensures the fast stop of the tube molds. So the productivity can be improved. 

Rotary round table 

8 station engines are evenly distributed on the rotary round table.Each main engine is switched to different position by rotary round table.The rotary round table is controlled by AC servo.When rotating it is rapid,smooth and accurate position.Also the speed is adjustable.

Tool for casting extraction 

  centrifugal casting machine  is controlled by servo and Pneumatic control system. So it is very accurate and reliable.It can extract the casting smoothly from the tube molds. The position and speed of the casting extraction can be set up and adjusted.

Electric control system 

Control system use PLC as the control core and use the man-machine interface as the monitoring system.It controls the whole process automatically and monitors the whole production process.Control system has the perfect protective measures, such as over-current protection, over-load protection, etc. The process parameters of the main engine and the auxiliary engine all can be adjusted and stored in the man-machine interface such as work positions and velocity. It meets the production process requirement of a variety of cylinder liner castings in a certain range.