Centrifugal casting machine tube weight automatic control device

centrifugal casting machine tube weight automatic control device. It includes: industrial touch screen: installed in the console, through the industrial Ethernet and electrical cabinet in the PLC connection, to achieve the target tube weight set, turn over the experience of data set, the actual weight display and adjust the parameters of correction; 

electrical Cabinet: installed in the electrical cabinet PLC, received from the input target tube weight data, adjust the correction parameters and turn over the experience set the data, PLC analog output port control casting package hydraulic regulator valve; weighing controller and weighing Sensors: mounted on a centrifugal casting machine for pipe weight inspection after completion of casting; absolute incremental rotary encoders: 

mounted under a cast fan package for detecting fan-pack overturned angles; and percolated hydraulic control valves: mounted on The hydraulic valve table of the centrifugal casting machine is connected with the flap hydraulic mechanism of the fan-shaped package for controlling the fan-shaped package to be turned over. It can be based on process requirements to achieve automatic adjustment of casting pipe weight.