SLIDING MODE CONTROL OF DIE centrifugal casting machine

The essential feature of centrifugal casting machine is the introduction of molten metal into a mould, which is rotated during solidification of the casting. Thus, the centrifugal force can play a part in shaping and in feeding, according to the variation of the process employed. The casting of a plain pipe or tube is accomplished by the rotation of a mould about its own axis, the bore shape being produced by centrifugal force alone and the wall thickness determined by the volume of metal introduced.

This practice is widely referred to as true centrifugal casting. The main quality characteristic of centrifugally cast material is the high standard of soundness arising from the conditions of feeding. This factor is predominant in the improvement of properties relative to those of statically cast material, there being little difference when the latter is perfectly fed. This chapter focuses on the other development warrants that are mentioned for their particular approaches to the problems of shaping by casting. These include the unorthodox techniques of shaping, the special methods of coring, and systems for the casting of reactive metals.