Advances in the Science and Engineering of centrifugal casting machine

The book contains the proceedings of the honorary symposium "Advances in the Science and Engineering of centrifugal casting machine Solidification" (TMS2015, Orlando, Florida, March 15-19, 2015) held in honor of Professor Doru Michael Stefanescu, Emeritus Professor, Ohio State University and the University of Alabama, USA. The book encompasses the following four areas:(1) Solidification processing : theoretical and experimental investigations of solidification processes including centrifugal casting machine solidification, directional solidification of alloys, electromagnetic stirring, ultrasonic cavitation, mechanical vibration, active cooling and heating, powder bed-electron beam melting additive manufacturing, etc. for processing of metals, polymers and composite materials;
(2) Microstructure Evolution : theoretical and experimental studies related to microstructure evolution of materials including prediction of solidification-related defects and particle pushing/engulfment aspects;
(3) Novel Casting and Molding Processes : modeling and experimental aspects including high pressure die casting, permanent casting, centrifugal casting, low pressure casting, 3D silica sand mold printing, etc.; and
(4) Cast Iron : all aspects related to cast iron characterization, computational and analytical modeling, and processing.