Horizontal drum Centrifugal casting machine

The structure and technical requirements of the metal casting for large centrifugal casting are introduced. The process of producing the casting by Lost Foam Casting process is described in detail. Four kinds of 150 mm × 150 mm × 300 mm, and the EPS sheet of 0.015 g / cm3 was used to make the samples. The self-made mullite silica sol was water-based coating. 

The size was 1 600 mm × 1 600 mm × 2 550 Mm bottom of the sand box sand molding, pouring when the vacuum chamber in the -0.05 ~ -0.06 MPa, holding time 30 min, from the mold after the continuous cooling 30 min. Production results show that: the centrifuge inside and outside the surface smooth, angular; mechanical processing, the inside and outside the surface did not find any significant casting defects, in line with technical requirements.

Horizontal drum centrifugal casting machine (hereinafter referred to as centrifuge mold) is a cast steel or cast iron manufacturing drum, in the direction of the length of the direction of the two ends of the two symmetrical flange, respectively, in the two sets of rollers , To prevent axial rotation when the mold rotation. The distance between the two sets of rollers can be adjusted to suit the requirements of different sizes of molds. Centrifuge die material grade HT200, contour size φ910 mm × 1 805 mm, the main wall thickness of about 200 mm, shrinkage 1%, processing allowance of 20 mm, casting quality of about 6 076 kg, casting structure as shown in Figure 1 Show. Casting is not allowed to slag, cold separation, cracks, shrinkage, lack of meat and other defects