Gravity Centrifugal Casting mold making

Gravity Centrifugal Casting mold making
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 Making advanced equipment is the guarantee product quality essential, but the role of mold in casting is also very important. Especially for aluminum alloy auto parts production enterprises, the influence of die accuracy and durability of the quality of the products is very obvious.
 Making ferrous metal casting, mold is more in order to form the mold cavity, general mold itself does not directly contact with metal liquid, especially for non metal mold complex shape casting is more such, contact with hot liquid metal is other materials, mainly sand, which has become a major factor affecting the casting modeling material the quality of the. Aluminum alloy gravity casting is different, because of the low melting point of aluminum alloy, casting performance is good, in mass production, casting shape is formed directly from the mold, such as engine aluminum alloy cylinder block, cylinder head, which is not only beneficial to improve labor productivity, but more important is the adjustment mould temperature distribution different parts of the structure and grain size control of castings and improve casting quality, at the same time, to avoid a lot of use other materials caused by environmental pollution, improve workshop working conditions. making with different complicated shape castings, aluminum alloy gravity Centrifugal Casting mold also each are not identical. Even if the same parts, casting technology, die form are often different, but no matter how, aluminum alloy gravity Centrifugal Casting mold and its common.
 Making first, you must select the proper casting process, casting process is directly related to the casting quality and process yield rate. Some domestic mold manufacturing plant, has begun to use solidification simulation of casting process design, the filling and solidification process of the computer simulation, find easy to produce hot junction site casting defects and to overcome, which is to improve the reliability of casting process design, effectively prevent rework die in the debugging process is not necessary, is a very important and effective.
 Making the mold to heat capacity. To meet the requirements of a solid frame and module, not only is the effective guarantee of the mold life, plays a very important role in regulating and mold temperature field for continuous process. Some mould factory, in order to reduce the cost, material saving, blindly to reduce the effective thickness of mold in order to reduce the weight of the objective, but this not only reduces the service life of the mould, and the casting is easy to deformation, affect the dimensional accuracy of castings, casting the batch rejection will lead to severe, causing loss to the foundry, more serious damage to its reputation of the mould factory.
 Making third, die with cooling system and gas drawing system is more reliable. By cooling, not only can effectively improve labor productivity, but also can adjust the temperature of the casting field, control the cooling rate of castings, castings and effect of internal structure and grain size, realizes the effective control of the mechanical properties of castings. As the name implies, pull gas, is artificially gas cavity internal row to the cavity to reduce the casting porosity defects may. At the same time, mold temperature through the installation of the exhaust plug can also adjust the local small area, to prevent and overcome aluminum alloy cracking and shrinkage depression has a very important role.
 Making fourth, there must be matched with the casting machine mold positioning device and convenient mould installation system. The positioning device is not only ensure casting size, reducing Guan Jian flash and burr, but also ensure that Guan Jian, casting machine normal work can be said that the mold without good positioning device, there is no good qualified casting. The mold must be convenient to install and disassemble because aluminum alloy gravity casting, at a certain time