Vanish Centrifugal Casting mold

Vanish Centrifugal Casting mold
The first chapter Centrifugal Casting mold process design
Production disappeared key casting success lies the importance of close coordination between manufacturers and users to know casting and mold designer three. The mold designer to according to the needs of user requests and casting factory, the second is to satisfy the requirements of mold manufacturing and molding. The following questions will help establish the mold design specification. , lost foam casting has the comprehensive design points? Making
When the user and casting factory in the discussion of casting process, the need to consider the Evaporated Pattern Casting (EPC) consists of a number of design features: making 1, Centrifugal Casting mold making
In other types of casting method, casting holes can be through sand core or by machining (such as drilling). For each casting is a casting hole have corresponding characteristics, but in general, cast a hole to make the machine processing subsequent cost reduction. Through the mould design and special such as the use of pin. Mandrel or other institutions can be made directly on the die casting hole. Making 2, reduce machining allowance making
Standard EPC mold design right can reduce the weight of the casting by reducing the draft and machining allowance. This flexible design is not possible in many other casting methods. It is one of the biggest advantages of EPC technology.
3, eliminate sand core making complex and expensive
EPC in the process of eliminating the sand core mold indispensable.EPC ordinary sand casting process of fixed and movable block in foam in the model of formation of similarity and sand core shape, both in the casting (core) shape. 4, other design points
Characteristics of EPC mold technology has not many other casting methods provide production casting - negative draft. Insert castings. Special structure (such as surface channels) and the complexity of the blind hole and are likely to cast. Figure 1 is the optimal design of the EPC castings:
Figure 1 optimization design of EPC parts of the key features
The analysis needs to determine the factors related to machining and casting and casting casting process in detail, the parting surface, gating system and dimensional tolerances and other issues, guide the preliminary analysis of the mold cavity through discussion. parts processing maps and casting drawings linked to carefully review, which will help make many factors combined to design.
5, comprehensive design of castings
According to the shape of the Centrifugal Casting mold to determine the parting surface, in general, disappear parting surface mould casting and other casting process is similar, but in some detail is slightly different: the production design and mold designers jointly determine the parting surface, location and characteristics of cemented surface desired, quantity can reduce the model block the. 6, sand core features
Has a groove, inner connection channel or other characteristics of the casting hole, the other casting method requires the use of sand core: in the EPC process, you can block model glued together so as to solve by using active block or