Dental Centrifugal Casting Machine RL-S08


Dental centrifugal casting machine
1) Used in Dental Lab Widely
2) 4 Sets/Carton
3) Certification : CE/ISO
4) Carton Package

RL-S08 Centrifugal Casting Machine
Thanks a lot for your choosing our products,please look at the PRODUCT INSTRUCTION
Before using.
Ⅰ.    The use: Our centrifugal casting machine is the common mechanic equipment of
       The oral restoration section for the melting and casting of various dental high-
       melting point alloys in order to get casting like denture frame,inlay,crown bridge.
Ⅱ.     Notices: The product with simple structure is for export and easy to be operated.
        When you use it , please pay attention to several points as follows;
1.       Make sure that the platform is firm and stable, and the crucible is in the right place;
2.       The workstation should have quite good protection device to prevent the melting metal from spattering out to injure the worker;
3.       When operating , pay attention to the inertia of the spring to avoid hitting the hand;
4.       Keep clean and dry; after casting , you should clear the equipment and get rid of the residue.
4pcs in one package and the package size is 480*420*465mm.