2919-0026 Dental Centrifugal Casting Machine

Centrifugal casting has become increasingly effective for producing a great number of special castings, such as tubes, rolls and graded materials [1-3]. The filling and solidification processes of centrifugal casting are conducted under high rotation speed of the mold, so it is hard to study the filling process using conventional methods [4]. But it is of great important to analyze mold filling sequences which are closely dependant on the process parameters, such as the speed of die rotation [5]. Understanding the flow patterns can contribute to knowing how the liquid moves in the mold, and the rotation speed can be adjusted based on that knowledge.

Hydraulic experiments are effective methods to understand the filling patterns. There is little literature about that aspect of work. Some of it is focus on vertical centrifugal casting [6-8]. To better understand the mold filling behaviour of metallic metals under a centrifugal field, hydraulic experiments are used to investigate the mold filling sequence and flow patterns of liquids in horizontal centrifugal casting in the present study. The effects of rotation speed of a die on the flow patterns have been analyzed. 2. Experimental procedure The mechanical drive for the rotating system was provided by a variable speed electric motor. The speed of rotation can be changed in the range 0-1500rpm.

The dimension of the mold was ¢180mm×430mm. To make the flow patterns of the liquid easier to see the mold was made with transparent acryl glass and the liquid was darkened. The filling style of the liquid during horizontal centrifugal casting was recorded by a high-speed camera providing 500 pictures per second. The schematic diagram and real experimental apparatus are shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, respectively. The liquid was poured into the mold at the same height in order to assure the same initial velocity of liquids in the experiments. Seven group experiments had been done. The rotation speeds of the mold were 305 rpm, 345rpm, 390rpm, 440rpm, 495rpm, 545rpm, and 600rpm, respectively