Metal mold Centrifugal Casting Machine

Metal mold centrifugal casting machine, often need to work surface spraying paint on the metal type. The coating requirements and general metal casting metal mold Centrifugal Casting Machine at the same. In order to prevent the casting and metal bonding and iron castings produced white, paint layer on the metal type centrifugal sometimes thick. Most water as carrier of coatings for Centrifugal Casting Machine. Sometimes also used for the state of coatings, such as graphite, in order to make the casting can be easily removed from the type. making Spraying coating should pay attention to control metal temperature. In the production of large castings, if cast itself heat is not enough to paint dry, the mold is heated in a heating furnace, and keep the mold temperature, wait for casting. The production of small castings, especially the cantilever centrifugal casting machine production, hope that as much as possible dry coating by using cast itself heat Hong, waiting for casting. making
4) pouring making Centrifugal Casting Machine, casting process has its own characteristics, first of all because the inner surface of the casting is the free surface, and the control of casting thickness all is decided by the number of the casting of liquid metal, the Centrifugal Casting Machine, the casting metal quantitative higher requirements. In addition, the casting is carried out in the mold rotating conditions as much as possible in order to eliminate the phenomenon of metal spatter, good control of metal into the mold when the direction. making
Quantitative liquid metal with gravimetric method and volumetric method and the free surface height (liquid metal thickness) method. The number of volume method with a volume of ladle controlled by pouring liquid metal, this method is simple, but the temperature of the metal, slag, quantity is not accurate, in use in the production of more.