Centrifugal Casting Machine is a method of liquid metal forming

centrifugal casting machine is a method of liquid metal forming. Centrifugal Casting Machine has been widely used in various industries and daily life, the centrifugal cast castings accounted for a large proportion, centrifugal casting is a casting metal liquid into the rotation of the casting, a casting method under the action of centrifugal force to fill the mold and solidification, Centrifugal Casting Machine is carried out in a centrifuge. Divided into two types of vertical and horizontal centrifugal casting machine which comprises a horizontal roller type centrifugal casting, casting, casting system, transmission system, as well as several electric control system.

 The working process includes: coating, pouring, cooling, draft, the design of some new elements existing in the design optimization of casting machine utilization, and the use of PLC control, which has the advantages of convenient operation, simple structure, performance improvement. Keywords: Casting; gating system; centrifugal casting machine; electric control system