Characteristics of centrifugal casting machine

Characteristics of centrifugal casting machine
Due to the centrifugal casting machine, liquid metal in the case of rotating mold filling and solidification, some characteristics of the centrifugal casting machine will have the following:
1) of liquid metal free surface can form a cylindrical hollow in the mould, so can cast hollow castings without core can greatly simplify the production process pipe sleeve castings;
2) due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the liquid metal, can improve the ability of metal filling mold centrifugal casting process, so some poor mobility of the alloy and thin-walled castings can be produced by centrifugal casting;3) due to the centrifugal force, improve the feeding conditions, gas and non metallic inclusions are easily discharged from the liquid metal, so the centrifugal casting organization is compact, shrinkage hole (Suo Song), porosity, inclusions and other defects less;
4) to eliminate or greatly reduce the gating system and riser of the metal consumption; 5) casting prone to segregation, casting surface roughness. The inner surface is not easy to control the size of.