The importance die Centrifugal Casting mold in sand

The importance die Centrifugal Casting mold in sand
 Making plant will die casting call "casting mother", this is the land of die Centrifugal Casting mold a highly summarizes the role and status in the production of casting. Known as the "mother", one is because in the factory, all castings with a mold made of sand and then get, no Centrifugal Casting mold is no casting; the second is always with the Centrifugal Casting mold casting of the "genetic"; precision, surface roughness and even some casting defect size castings without Centrifugal Casting mold quality has a direct relationship. Making (1) size precision
 Making castings and to die, die size error without exception will be reflected in the castings. Especially for some complex casting with a plurality of mold (outer mold and core boxes), the cumulative error will seriously affect the dimensional accuracy of castings. Plans for a car body (4 cylinder) casting dimension accuracy is related to chain graphs, graph has the shadow box for casting equipment, other box process. From the graph can be calculated, even if each fixture size precision can get 99 points to the score box may also only 82.5 points. Thus, the pursuit for "zero error" is so important. Making (2) surface roughness
 Mold making smooth surface not only improve die, thereby reducing type (core) waste, improve productivity, and get the cavity clean (or core), to obtains the smooth casting. Making (3) casting defects
 Making a part of casting defects may be caused by the poor quality of Centrifugal Casting mold caused, such as the existence of inverted sizes, mold surface is uneven, will lead to the destruction of the surface of the mold is not good, or even cause trachoma; mold installation deviation or locating pin (sets) caused by the wear fault type, extrusion type, trachoma; pouring system make or installation leading metal slag flow deviates from the process design requirements, which may cause porosity, shrinkage, etc..
 Making in foundry production process, equipment, Centrifugal Casting mold is an inseparable system, process design depends on die casting reflected.
 Making the same, process design a crappy, can make a set of sophisticated processing mold scrapped due to inability to produce qualified castings. Reasonable combination of die and equipment is the same important. Therefore, in the determination of process scheme, process design, must also begin to mold and equipment preparation, namely the implementation of concurrent engineering is very necessary. Because of this, some domestic enterprises to introduce the core box in the introduction of core making machine at the same time, the introduction of some complex mold (such as car cylinder) also includes process design.
 Making in modern society has become the economic development as the main theme of innovation, product update cycle is shortened, the endless stream of new products, it also requires the manufacturing industry and adapt to the rapid development, as the manufacturing industrial base mold industry, the inevitable result of development. It can be said that quickly out of the mold with high quality and high accuracy, is one of the key factors to seize the market. /Centrifugal-Casting-mould/27.html