Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine

Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine

Our floor and pit mounted vertical centrifugal casting machines are used to produce the duplexed mill rolls, cylinder liners, bronze or copper alloy tubes, brake drums, discs, bottle molds, flywheels and stainless grates, etc. The vertical centrifugal casting machines adopt fully automated systems utilizing programmable logic controllers (PLC) with functions of automatic pouring, automatic mold coating, automatic mold inner wall cleaning and automatic extraction. The casted product’s diameter ranged from 50mm to 2,000mm with length ranged from 50mm to 2,000mm.

Key Features of Vertical Type Centrifugal Casting machine

PLC Automatic operation.
driven by Stepless Speed Governing and frequency conversion motor.
Produce castings with superior metallurgical structure.
Mechanical mold inner wall coating and cleaning.
Hydraulic extracting of casting.
Safety guard of shield cover to prevent the hot metal and cooling water from splashing.  

Centrifugal Casting Machine Models & Casting Specifications

Model Min. & Max. Dia. (mm) Length (mm) Total Load: Mold + Casting
J555 50-500 500 300kg
J557 70-700 700 600kg
J5510 100-1,000 1,000 12,000kg
J5520 1,000-2,000 2,000 30,000kg
Vertical centrifugal casting machine 1
Vertical centrifugal casting machine 2
Pit-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machine. Pit-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machine.
Pit-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machine Pit-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machine
Floor-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machine. VCCM 1
Floor-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machine VCCM 2
Floor-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machine. VCCM 3
Floor-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machine VCCM 4
Floor-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machines Floor-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machines
Frame-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machines. Frame-mounted vertical centrifugal casting machines.
Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine distribution diagram. Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine distribution diagram.
Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine 3D diagram Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine 3D diagram
Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine distribution diagram Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine distribution diagram
Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine Foundation Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine Foundation
Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machines Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machines
J5515 Diagrammatic Sketch of Vertical CCM for Producing Rolls. J5515 Diagrammatic Sketch of Vertical CCM for Producing Rolls.