As a result of centrifugal casting machine

As a result of centrifugal casting, the liquid metal is in the case of rotation and filling the mold and solidification, so centrifugal casting will have some of the following characteristics:

1) Liquid metal can form a hollow cylindrical free surface in the mold so that it can cast a hollow casting without a core, greatly simplifying the production process of the sleeve and tube casting  centrifugal casting machine , greatly simplifying the casting process, High productivity and low cost;

2) Due to the centrifugal force generated by the liquid metal during rotation, the centrifugal casting process can improve the ability of the metal to cast the mold, so some poorly finely available alloys and thin-walled castings can be produced by centrifugal casting;

3) due to the role of centrifugal force to improve the filling conditions, gas and non-metallic inclusions are also easy to discharge from the liquid metal, so the organization of centrifugal casting more compact, shrinkage (shrinkage), pores, inclusions and other defects less mechanical Good performance;

4) to eliminate or greatly save the pouring system and the mouth of the metal consumption, metal utilization is high; 5) centrifugal casting castings prone to segregation, should not cast the density of segregation tend to large alloy; and the hole size is not accurate, the inner surface rough , The processing margin is large; not suitable for single, small batch production, at present, centrifugal casting has been widely used in the manufacture of cast iron pipe, cylinder sets of copper sets, bimetallic bearings, special seamless tube,

6) easy to produce bimetallic castings, such as steel sets of copper bearings, the combination of solid surface, but also save copper, reduce costs. In the case of

The first patent for centrifugal casting was proposed by the British Erchardt in 1809, until the early twentieth century, which was gradually adopted in terms of production. China in the thirties also began to use the centrifuge tube, tube castings such as iron pipe, copper sets, cylinder liner, bimetallic steel back copper sets, etc., centrifugal casting is almost a major method; in addition to heat-resistant steel roller , Some special steel seamless pipe of the rough,

 centrifugal casting machine  drying drum and other production, centrifugal casting method is also very useful. Has produced a highly mechanized, automated centrifugal casting machine, has built a large number of production of mechanized centrifugal cast pipe workshop. In the case of

Almost all cast alloys can be used for centrifugal casting production, centrifugal casting of the smallest diameter of up to 8 mm, the maximum diameter of up to 3m, casting the maximum length of up to 8m, centrifugal casting weight range of several cattle to tens of thousands of cattle (zero A few kilograms to more than ten tons).