The main part of the electrical control part of the centrifugal casting machine

The main part of the electrical control part of the centrifugal casting machine, from the centrifugal casting machine equipment type, because the coverage of more, can not be involved, will focus only on the roll centrifugal casting machine, steel pipe casting machine and other casting The electrical part of the equipment is described in more detail, especially in the automatic control of centrifugal roll manufacturing, and the technical functions described above have a leading and innovative significance in the country.

1. General overview of centrifugal casting machine equipment

Centrifugal casting, is the liquid metal into the rotating mold, the role of centrifugal force filling and solidification into casting casting method. Centrifugal casting machine is called centrifugal casting machine.

According to the direction of the rotation of the mold different, centrifugal casting machine is divided into horizontal, vertical and tilt type 3.

Horizontal centrifugal casting machine is mainly used for pouring a variety of tubular castings, such as the roll manufacturing process of the early tubular structure, gray cast iron, ductile iron pipe and gas pipe, pipe diameter of 75 mm minimum, up to 3000 mm, Pouring paper machine with large diameter copper roller, all kinds of carbon steel, alloy steel pipe and the requirements of the inner and outer layers of different components of the double-layer steel roll.

Vertical centrifugal casting machine is mainly used to produce a variety of ring castings and smaller non-circular castings.

Centrifugal casting used in the casting, according to the casting shape, size and production of different batches, the choice of non-metallic type (such as sand, shell or melting shell), metal or in the metal-based coating layer or resin sand Of the mold. The number of revolutions of the mold is an important parameter of centrifugal casting. It is necessary to have sufficient centrifugal force to increase the compactness of the casting metal. The centrifugal force can not be too large to avoid the shrinkage of the metal. Especially for the lead bronze, too much centrifugal force in the casting between the inner and outer wall components segregation. According to the product for the different requirements of the gravity coefficient, process design requirements to make the speed requirements are different, generally need to reach tens of turns per minute to about 1500 rpm.