Dental centrifugal casting machines

Dental centrifugal casting machine 

Product Description

Centrifugal casting machine is commonly used oral prosthodontic mechanic equipment, with all kinds of teeth with high metal melting and casting, to obtain all kinds of denture stents, inlay, casting crown and bridge, etc.

Dental centrifugal casting machine






Dental centrifugal casting machine


Centrifugal casting machine use note:

This product is simple in structure, convenient operation, should be paid attention to when using the following:

1: pay attention to the fixed solid, mesa crucible placed correctly.

2: the table must have good protection device, in case the operation is melted metal spatter, damage the body.

3: when operating, pay attention to the spring tighten inertia, yan's visit to hit a hand.

4: keep the equipment clean and dry, after completion of casting, cleaning equipment, remove the residue.