Centrifugal Casting Machine price for blood analysis

DM0412 Series

Clinical centrifugal casting machine are wildly used in the separation of serum,plasma, urea, blood samples and other routine applications in hospitaland research laboratories.

DM0412 & DM0412S clinical centrifuges support applications with small sample volumes. The centrifuges are supplied with an angle rotor that can hold up to 15mL×8 or 10mL/7mL/5mL×12 vacuum tube.

They are widely used in medical and veterinary practices for the centrifugation of blood and urine samples, in environmental analyses for the clarification of water and soil samples or in universities and other research institutes

Easy programming to achieve high accuracy of speed control

• Easy operation with intuitive menu and easy-to-read display

• Rotor speed can be set and displayed by RPM or G-force

• Maintenance-free brushless DC motors

• Pressing and holding PULSE key for quick spin function

• Lid with electric lock and automatic release function saves 

   processing time and prevents samples overheating

• Automatic selfdiagnosis on startup showing accumulative 

   running time and last running parameters