Basic knowledge of centrifugal casting Machine

Basic knowledge of   centrifugal casting machine
Centrifugal casting Machine is the liquid metal poured into the rotation of the casting, a casting method to make the liquid metal forming mold filling and solidification under the action of centrifugal force.   making
In order to realize the above process, must use the centrifugal casting machine to create the casting rotation condition. According to the different position in space mould rotation axis, common casting machine of two types of machines and horizontal centrifugal vertical centrifugal casting.   

making Vertical centrifugal casting machine is rotating about a vertical axis (Figure 1), it is mainly used for circular casting production height is less than the diameter of the, sometimes also used the centrifugal casting machine casting shaped castings.
Due to the centrifugal casting, liquid metal is in the rotating case mold filling and solidification, the centrifugal casting has the following characteristics: making 1) of liquid metal free surface can form a cylindrical hollow in the mould, so can cast hollow castings without core can greatly simplify the production process pipe sleeve castings; making
2) due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the liquid metal, can improve the ability of metal filling mold centrifugal casting process, so some poor mobility of the alloys and castings are available in centrifugal casting production; making 3) due to the centrifugal force, improve the feeding conditions, gas and non metal inclusion is easy to be discharged from the liquid metal, so the centrifugal casting organization is compact, shrinkage hole (Suo Song), air hole and inclusion defects is less; making 4) to eliminate or greatly reduce the gating system and riser of the metal consumption; making
5) casting prone to segregation, casting surface roughness. The inner surface is not easy to control the size of.   making
The first patent centrifugal casting in 1809 by the British people love child (Erchardt) put forward, until the early twentieth Century this method in the aspect of production is gradually being used. Our country also started to use the centrifugal pipe, cylinder castings such as iron, copper sleeve, cylinder, double metal steel backing copper sleeve etc. in the thirty's, the centrifugal casting is a main method; in addition to the heat-resistant steel roller, some special steel seamless steel tube blank paper machine drying cylinder production. Also very effective centrifugal casting method. At present, the system has a high degree of mechanization and automation of the centrifugal casting machine, has built a mechanical centrifugal casting workshop production.   making
Almost all the cast alloy can be used in the production of centrifugal casting, centrifugal casting minimum diameter up to 8 mm, the largest diameter of up to 3m, the maximum length of 8m casting, centrifugal casting Machine weight range for a few oregano tens of thousands of cattle (zero a few kilograms to 10 tons).