Centrifugal casting machine The development process

centrifugal casting machine The development process of centrifugal casting has been in development for several decades of history, the first patent was proposed in 1809 by the British Erchardt, until the last century was gradually extended to the industrial production. 30 time of our country began to use in the production of cast iron pipe. Now the centrifugal casting is a casting method is applied widely, commonly used in the production of ductile iron pipes, copper sleeve, cylinder, double metal steel backing copper sleeve etc.. As the double metal rolling, rolling heating furnace, papermaking and drying drum shaped castings (such as impeller), is also very effective by centrifugal casting. At present, high degree of mechanization, automation of the centrifugal casting machine,Roller type centrifugal casting machine design 6
Mechanical centrifugal casting factory for the production of hundreds of thousands of tons of. In centrifugal casting, types of cast alloy is almost unlimited. The hollow cast, the inner diameter minimum 8mm, maximum 3000mm, casting the maximum length is 8000mm, the smallest weight of a few grams (Jin Shuya), the maximum of up to tens of tons.