Cooling device for iron pipe centrifugal casting machine

The device comprises cooling water spraying systems extending throughout the length of the mould for cooling the latter. At least one additional local cooling water spraying element is slidably mounted on a guide bar through a slide. 

The bar is parallel to the mould and the local spraying element is adjustable in position on the bar for each casting for further cooling a selected part of the mould.Due to the inclination of a centrifuge arm of a centrifugal casting arrangement the mass of a muffle or retort and a compensation or balancing mass come to lie essentially in the same rotational plane. The infinite adjustment of a muffle or retort holder and the compensation or balancing mass is accomplished by a drive rod movably arranged within the centrifuge arm as well as by a gear rack driven by the drive rod and upon which there is seated the muffle holder. A housing structure containing a cover member prevents access to the centrifugal casting arrangement during operation of the centrifugal casting machine

A centrifugal casting machine comprising a shuttle track with shuttle car means thereon, a first station having metal pouring means at one side of the track, a second station comprising pipe pulling means on one side of the track and a mold spray means on the other side of the track at a point opposite the pipe pulling means, one station being midway between the ends of the track, the other station being near one end and being duplicated near the other end, the shuttle car means having spaced molds resting on spin wheels and having motor means to drive the spin wheels, and means to shuttle the shuttle car means on the track between a first and a second station.