Evaluation of an improved centrifugal casting machines

1. In centrifugal casting apparatus having a rotating shaft with a plate thereon for receiving a mold means for coaxial rotation with the shaft, said mold means and plate being generally coextensive in dimension and having peripheral surfaces spaced from the axis of the shaft, the mold means having a cavity positioned for rotation in a plane generally normal to the axis of said shaft, the improvement comprising:

a conduit means extending from the cavity to the peripheral surface of the mold means and opening thereon.

a passage in said shaft and plate having one end connected to a source of vacuum and the other end opening on the peripheral surface of the plate; and

a chamber about the plate and mold means extending along the entire peripheral surfaces thereof for forming a connection means between said conduit means and vacuum passage for applying the vacuum to said cavity.

2. The improvement of claim 1 wherein said chamber is formed by a cap over the mold means and plate having sealing means operatively associated with the plate. 

3. The improvements of claim 1 wherein the mold means includes a pair of molds having opposing faces with the mold cavity therein and wherein said conduit means comprises a channel along one of the faces. 

4. The improvement of claim 1 wherein said vacuum conduit extends through said mold means to the exterior of said mold means.