DC Speed Control System of Centrifugal Casting Machine

DC Speed Control System of centrifugal casting machine

Sichuan Province Metallurgical Machinery Factory need to add a vertical centrifugal casting machine, used to cast a variety of sizing roller and other products. 

According to the requirements of product casting process, to determine the use of DC drag system to its effective control. The drive system requires DC speed control must be stepless inertia speed control system, with a simple speed display, and energy consumption emergency brake control and other functions.

 In the use of "Unigrapkcs NX" software designed drum and steel casting mold and other mechanical parts, the use of the software's powerful features can be easily calculated drum and pouring steel mold total inertia torque, and then according to the steel Requirements, to determine the power of the DC motor, and finally determine the DC speed control system parameters.