clamping a support body in a centrifugal casting machine

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a hollow cylindrical sleeve bearing (plane bearing), comprising the following steps: clamping a support body in a centrifugal casting machine whose speed of rotation is controllable, in such a way that the longitudinal axis of the bore of the support body runs approximately horizontally; application of a zinc chloride melt, which contains tin(II) chloride,

to the surface to be tinned of the bore of the heated support body; precleaning of the surface to be tinned at a low circumferential speed of the support body via a pool (sump) of the zinc chloride melt, which essentially remains in the lower region of the hollow cylinder to be tinned; pretinning of the surface to be tinned at a low circumferential speed of the support body, at least at a temperature of approximately 232 DEG C, so that an electrochemical cementation reaction from the zinc chloride melt to the surface to be tinned takes place; application of a tin-phosphorus melt having a considerably higher temperature to the pretinned surface, in order to reduce the tin oxide layer formed and to achieve mixing with the liquid tin film to produce a melt free of oxide skins, and increasing the speed of rotation of the centrifugal casting machine, pouring a white metal (babbitt) onto said melt and cooling down. In such a sleeve bearing, the intermetallic layer which is formed between an iron layer of the support body and the white metal, is thinner than 0.0005 mm.

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