Centrifugal Casting Machine force alone

The casting of a plain pipe or tube is accomplished  by  rotation of a mold about its own axis—the bore  shape  being produced by centrifugal casting machine force alone,  and  the wall thickness determined by the volume of  metal  intro‐duced. This practice is widely referred to  as  "true centrifugal casting." 

• In the case of a component of varying internal  diameter  or irregu‐lar wall thickness, a central  core  may be used to form the internal contours,  feeder  heads then being introduced to  compensate  for solidification shrinkage. • A further step away from the original concept is  the  spacing of separate shaped castings about a  central  downsprue which forms the axis of  rotation.  These variations are referred to  respectively  as "semicentrifugal casting and  centrtfuging or pressure casting." In  both  cases, since the castings are shaped  entirely  by the mold and cores, centrifugal force  is  used primarily as a source of pressure for  feedin g.