Dental centrifugal casting machine for dental laboratory

1. The centrifugal casting machine is the common mechanic equipment of the oral restoration section for the melting and casting of various dental high-melting point alloys in order to get casting like denture frame, inlay, crown bridge.

2. The product with simple structure is for export and easy to be operated. When you use it, please pay attention to several points as follows:

A.Make sure that the platform is firm and stable, and the crucible is in the right place;

B.The workstation should have quite good protection device to prevent the melting metal from spattering out to injure the worker;

C. When operating , pay attention to the inertia of the spring to avoid hitting the hand;

D. Keep clean and dry; after casting, you should clear the equipment and get rid of the residue.

DL-Z350-B Concrete Dental Centrifugal Casting Machine Made In China

Product Description

DL-Z350-B     DL-Z350-B Concrete Dental Centrifugal Casting Machine Made In China


1. Main Specifications And Technical Parameters                      

Heaviest Weight of The Mould

120 kg

Largeat Merger Distance ≤ 200 mm

Hydraulic Pressure 40 - 60 kpa

Hydraulic Lube   155 L

Net Weight of The Whole Machine 1600 KG

Size of Appearance of Machine

2050 x 1440 x 1400 mm

specification of the largest model 120 kg

Feature High Speed Bullet Metal Casting Machine

die casting machine price Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Installing Top Core Available Itinerary of Top Core 20 mm

Total Power 5.5 kw