Centrifugal Casting Machine is one of the potential manufacturing

centrifugal casting machine is one of the potential manufacturing techniques used for producing near net shaped components with improved properties. The emergence of new class of functionally graded materials has made it an important technique for the fabrication of engineering components and structures with graded property. The present paper describes the studies carried out on processing and characterisation of functionally graded Al matrix composites components based on Al–SiC ex situ and Al–Si in situ composites. The microstructural and mechanical characteristics of the composites are evaluated. In the case of Al–SiC functionally graded metal matrix composites discs, the particles are segregated gradiently towards the outer periphery of the casting exhibiting high strength and hardness towards the outer periphery. The Al–Si in situ composite cylinder shows the dispersion of primary Si particles towards the inner periphery of the casting which can lead to higher hardness and wear resistance.