Steel Tube Centrifugal Casting Machine

We manufacture centrifugal casting machine to produce the Grey Iron Pipe, Ductile Iron Pipe, Cylinder Liners, Alloy Steel Tubes, Alloy Retort, Steel Rolls and Non-ferrous Castings. Our hot mould horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machine , spinners or metal spinning machines, are used to produce the Epoxy Grey Iron Pipe for building drainage. The water cold mould Centrifugal Casting Machines are used to produce the ductile iron pipe with dimensions of DN100-1200mm, and length 6000mm with socket and spigot joint or flange type joint according to the standards of ISO2531. Combining proper mould design, mould coatings, mould spinning speeds, pouring speeds, cooling rates and metal chemistry, the equipment is high in automation, reliable in running, simple in operation, higher yields and low in energy consumption. Our centrifugal casting machine ranges from simple, manually operated equipment to fully automated systems utilizing programmable logic controllers (PLC). Our centrifugal casting machine and centrifugal casting mould are used to produce grey iron pipe, ductile iron pipe, retort, alloy retort, Pidgeon process retort, steel tube and steel sleeve. The retort is used to reduce the magnesium metal. The quality materail of centrifugal casting mould is 21CrMo10 and 30CrMo. We are qualified with ISO9001 certificate to manfacture iron Centrifugal Casting Machine and Casting Mould. We have a team of more than 20 engineers in our R & D department.