Centrifugal casting machine tube-ethylene cracking furnace tube

1: centrifugal casting machine Made of centrifual casting;
2: Material: Cr28Ni48; Cr25Ni35, Cr35Ni45 with micro alloy;
3: Dimension: O.D of 100mm, 80mm, 60mm etc, with thickness of 8mm, 10mm, 6mm etc;
4: Inspection:a: chemical composition test by spectrometer during smelting;
b: sand blasting to clean the coating after pouring;
c: Centrifugal casting machine leveling;
d: cut both ends to do ectching test;
e: inside surface boring;
f: hydrostatic test during tube section and after welded into long tube;
g: PT test and RT test;
h: creep enduring test and mechanical property test