A horizontal centrifugal casting machine capable of producing diversely dimensioned structures is characterized by a pair of motor driven rollers for rotating an axially open, wheeled mold seated thereon. Molten charge in a quantity corresponding to the size of the structure to be cast is deposited in a thermally insulated ladle situated at one end of the mold and a variable speed drive is utilized to transport the ladle into the mold interior at a rate determined by the quantity of molten charge within the ladle. 

The pour rate of molten charge from the ladle into the rotating mold also is regulated, e.g., by a piston driven rack communicating with a pinion secured to the ladle shaft, to permit diverse pour rates for casting structures of different dimensions. The casting machine also is provided with a hood which is moved axially into an overlying attitude relative to the mold to maintain the mold at an elevated temperature prior to casting and to protect against unseating of the mold from the rollers during casting.