Materials Centrifugal Casting mold

Materials Centrifugal Casting mold
Making die casting materials is very extensive, the casting yield that is different from the Centrifugal Casting mold usage is different, can be selected wood, plastic, aluminum, cast iron and steel etc.. Making pattern is still widely used in hand shape or single piece and small batch production, but with the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, the use of wood will be increasingly restricted, instead will be full mold casting. EPC order for the foam sheet material, adhesive and cut into shape, and then pouring from the casting. The method is compared with the wood, not only to save wood, and the casting surface has higher precision and better surface roughness, plastic die upward trend, especially the machinable plastic to the market and plastic mould life improves, more make the plastic mold is applied more widely.
Making aluminum alloy die because of light weight, high precision, therefore, are still widely used. But recently has been used to decrease, part respectively plastic mould (when casting volume is small) or cast iron mould (when casting large quantities) replaced.
Making the cast iron is still the big foundry of choice for the production, use and a large number, and it has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, abrasion resistance, good processing, low cost and long service life etc.. In recent years, due to the casting level, more and more like, die plate and frame type, etc. using ductile iron and low alloy cast iron higher strength and wear resistance, and thermal fatigue properties of compacted graphite cast iron is better is also used to box material.
Making steel is usually used for standard parts, mould wear resistant inserts or lining, less Centrifugal Casting molds for the production of carbon steel body, because life is not higher than that of ductile iron and low alloy cast iron, and steel prices are also very expensive. But with the mold processing technology to improve the dimensional stability and the requirement of Centrifugal Casting mold, die steel, chromium molybdenum alloy steel is also used to make the Centrifugal Casting mold. Mold car cylinder introduced from France of a plant, its shape and the box body are used 40CMD8 (French Standard) chromium molybdenum alloy steel, its service life is about 1000000 times, 500000 times the core box. In addition, there are more and more steel used for making board, core box frame and tooling parts.