Centrifugal Casting mold maintenance

Centrifugal Casting mold maintenance
 Centrifugal Casting mold preventive maintenance repair making Centrifugal Casting mold maintenance making
 Making factory should establish a casting equipment maintenance system, its scope should include the board (including the appearance), template box, box, box, fixture, the content should include the preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance.
 making preventive maintenance generally only by visual inspection or survey, using special or simple tools can make tooling to restore or maintain a good technical condition. It includes maintenance and inspection. making 1, maintenance
 Making maintenance by the general operator implementation, points for daily maintenance and regular maintenance. Daily maintenance on the day after the shutdown, to carry out regular maintenance is generally used during the holidays and production maintenance.
 Making clear the pattern and template surface sand and debris, dirt; clear appearance on the sand and dirt surface sticking signs, check the gating system, ventilation plate fixing screw "cover" is off, the surface of the casting die is knocking, the vent needle (film), plate is loose and fall off and the positioning pin is convex or concave shrinkage.
 Making clear the core box parting surface, cavity and core sand dirt surface pin sleeve, remove dirt pad sand vent plug and exhaust slot, check each part fasteners are firm, there is no defect, check the box core block, block, the positioning block is loose or displacement. Making in clean after the plate and the core box surface coating agent.
 Making inspection of sand box pin and sleeve are wear and loosening, bending, fracture and removing sand box and a positioning pin and sleeve surface sticking of sand and dirt and small iron, residue, iron etc..
 The components making checking fixture is complete, positioning and clamping mechanism is loose, and the lubrication of lubrication. making 2, inspection
 Making inspection by the general maintenance implementation, is also divided into the daily inspection and regular inspection. making daily check on each die before production use, content and maintenance about.
 Making regular inspection is to die after a certain number of send mould department crossed check, content: making 1) check upper and lower (or before and after) model and the upper and the lower (or dynamic and static) core box shape mismatch error; making 2) check casting accuracy and precision mold and core box core head position; making 3) check Centrifugal Casting mold and core box surface and sub surface wear degree; making 4) check Centrifugal Casting mold and core boxes work surface geometry and dimensional accuracy;
 Making 5) check Centrifugal Casting mold positioning, positioning the location accuracy and dimensional accuracy;
 Making 6) check box, plate (box) pin and sleeve wear degree and plate (box), deformation degree of core box body; making 7) check all fasteners, positioning pin and sleeve is loose, missing parts, sinking; making 8) check ventilation plug if there is any breakage or machine phenomenon: making 9) check ventilation needle (film) is bent, orange, missing parts:
 Making 10) other components such as pumping block, guide, slash, roller parts are in good condition; making 11) check spare parts are complete, the appearance of a defect free, the sign is clear. /Centrifugal-Casting-mould/40.html