Improving the Centrifugal Casting mold durability measures

Improving the Centrifugal Casting mold durability measures
 Making 1, reasonable selection of die casting materials
 Making according to different production batch and the mode of production and processing objects, selection of die casting material suitable, can obtain higher casting die life and great economic benefit. The selection principle of a table.
 Making in order to improve the casting die service life and durability, and has developed a lot of new steel Centrifugal Casting mold, suitable for different types of Centrifugal Casting mold. In the selection, try to use this kind of new steel.
 Table 1 Centrifugal Casting mold material selection principle Centrifugal Casting mold working state materials selection principle (parts)
 Die casting materials in large quantities and high production must select the high life, such as hard alloy, steel structure of hard alloy, high toughness, high wear-resistant alloy die steel in mass production of die casting
 The general casting die steel, such as TIOA, Gr12, Gr12MoV, 3Gr2W8, 5CrNiMo
 Small batch or new product trial Centrifugal Casting mold zinc alloy, bismuth tin alloy with low melting point, polyurethane rubber, die casting economy Centrifugal Casting mold materials deformation die steel Centrifugal Casting mold with failure sufficient strength and stability of the Centrifugal Casting mold easy to wear with high hardness cast die steel material failure die casting selection of Centrifugal Casting mold material plastic toughness Centrifugal Casting mold selection of easy cutting steel material
 Selection of high temperature resistance and thermal fatigue resistance of the material
 Making 2, reasonable design of Centrifugal Casting mold structure
 Centrifugal Casting mold structure of making advanced and reasonable is to improve casting die service life assurance. Centrifugal Casting mold design principle is to ensure sufficient strength and rigidity, the upper and the lower mould to neutral and reasonable blanking clearance, and reduce the stress concentration.
 Making 1) Centrifugal Casting mold parts size should be reasonable calculation and test according to the size of the processed part and force. The strength, rigidity and various structural parameters in order to determine the reasonable, the best use of computer aided calculation and design.
 Making 2) for high-speed stamping die, hard alloy die, more complicated cavity plastic mold, precision die, the stress and the strength should be calculated accurately, and determining its parameters. making 3) for convex die design should pay attention to guide and support, to protect. The small punch, the protective sleeve protection. making 4) for the mold, in order to prevent the deformation may be appropriate to increase the thickness of the template. making 5) structure design stripper, should pay attention to gaps are uniform, the unloading force to stabilize the.
 Making 6) in order to reduce the stress concentration, corner and narrow groove and other parts to arc transition. When the fillet increases from 1mm to 5mm, the stress can be reduced by 40%.
 Making 7) Centrifugal Casting mold design, try to make the working parts using mosaic structure or work part and substrate with different materials. To ensure that the strength and the abrasion resistance, stress concentration is avoided.
 Making 8) in order to make the Centrifugal Casting mold of uniform stress distribution, the best use of wire winding structure of cold extrusion die. It can effectively improve the service life of die casting.
 Making 9) selecting the clearance value. In general, the reasonable amplification gap can significantly improve the casting die service life. At present, the clearance values are: Japan as the thickness of 16% - 24%; the United States is 22% - 44%; the Soviet Union as the thickness of 6% - 12%; China's casting die clearance from the original material thickness of 6% - 10% increase to 16% - 22%. Practice shows that reasonable amplification gap, the casting die life significantly improve.
 Making 10) design, the reducing vibration measures mold casting, is one of the main ways to improve the service life of the die casting. If the blanking cutting edge design into the oblique edge, increasing the buffer or convex, concave die made of different materials and hardness, can effectively improve the durability of the mold. Such as the punch die tool steel, hard alloy, its service life can be increased by 5 - 6 times (more than the total of the same material). /Centrifugal-Casting-mould/42.html